Technical knowledge, effective staff and selection of the right materials is a rigorous process that requires patience. WE are planning every single detail and deliver you the perfect final product. Plasmat takes that burden off your shoulders with our in-house service and years experience.

Timing / Transport Saving

We are centrally located in European side of Istanbul /Turkey . Our location allows us to cut shipping cost and transit time for customers on both  coasts and everywhere in between .


It is our most important goal to give our customers complete confidence that their needs and expectations will be met by us in a timely and complete manner. By seeing them as our partners and acting in a team spirit, we all achieve the desired result together.



By Plasmat

The importance of presentation materials in sales and marketing activities is indisputable. In recent years, with this awareness, many sectors other than home textile companies are asking for help to presenting  their products

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Consulting Service

Since the year we were founded, we constantly update ourselves and offer new products and solutions to the sector.

We know that every product is a value that promotes the company and gives ideas about the company, thats why prepare every work from our customers with great care and dedication.

Artwork Support

we offer you free graphic design service to best suit your products with our state-of-the-art equipment and can do in-house printing.

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First Impression

We are aware that the first impression your product will leave on your customer is very important

Therefore, we develop quality and effective products by constantly communicating with our customers and listening , understanding their feedback.

Becoming A Brand

Our goal is to create a brand value for your products. Because being a brand increases your credibility

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