The Highest Quality Product is The Most Beautiful Expression Of Production

Sample Books

Plasmat routinely designs and produces a wide variety of sample books , incorporating different sizes, edge treatments, swatch placements and swatch identification methods.

Different and precise point of view

different and new designs

Since 1997

Plasmat continues to move forward with successful and permanent steps, despite the contraction in manufacturing,marketing and sales sector.

Your Perspective Will Change To The Sample Hangers

Plasmat have become a primary preferred company in this sector by following technological developments closely and by maintaining the highest level of quality .

Our Quality Comes From Being Different

We are prioritizing to diversity and functionality while producing a solution that best fits your needs.

Waterfall Hangers

Sample Hanger

Our first priority is to provide the benefit of customers in our domestic and international services.

Waterfall Hangers

Ideal presentation for patterned goods, because large pieces of patterns are patterns visible.

Unlimited Alternatives...

We can use all types printing technique on our products that produced according to our customers demend. Offset printing, UV coating, hot stamping, screen printing, embossing, etc.

Swatch Cards

Swatches are most often pinked, but they can be straight edge cut depending on the materials

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